Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Izmailovsky Park

It is nearing the end of my stay in Moscow for this term so Becky and I decided to head to Izmailovsky Park to buy some presents and souvenirs for our friends and families before we head to the UK. This park is renowned for its sellers and the fact that you can haggle with them to get a better deal for your souvenirs than you would at Red Square or on the Arbat.
As we walked around random Russian people kept shouting ‘Devushka!’ at us, and anytime we stopped for even a second to look at something we were pounced on usually by a little old Russian man. I wanted to buy a fur hat and every time I pointed at one that I thought was pretty it was then forced onto my head and the seller would then tell me that it made me look beautiful and I had to buy it that second.
One of the best techniques we found for getting the price reduced was to have a look at something then say ‘Hmmm ok I will have a think then return’ we did with one old man who was selling propaganda pictures and books and he halved the price instantly. Score!
Walking through the Turkish sellers section was the most bizarre as they would randomly shout ‘I love you, you buy my bag?!’ Becky and I were fairly sure that if we had had a guy with us then they would have tried to buy us or trade us for something from him. It was a very creepy but fun experience and we were both very glad that we had come together and not alone.
I am now all set to return to the UK I just have to buy a few more things like caviar and vodka then I am ready to pack and head back to see my friends, family and cats. It’s going to be strange to be back in England and not be in Russia I know I am returning later but it still feels strange.

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