Thursday, 22 January 2009


I realised that despite the fact that I am back in England and I have unlimited wifi in my house and I can use it whenever I like for as long as I like I haven't actually blogged, which is odd because in Russia it's something that I miss. I decided the reason for this is that I haven't actually spent that much time at home with my family in Cheltenham but have been all over the South West and been hiding out in London a lot.
Being as I am only back for a short while I decided to make the most of it and to go and visit my Grandpas in Somerset and Cornwall, two of my favourite regions in the South West. Oh and of course visit the beach and have an ice cream. Intermixed with this I flitted between London and Cheltenham visiting my friends and uni. It was so good to be back in London, I missed it so much. It's hard to describe but there is an atmosphere in London that I have never felt anywhere else in the world. Moscow is a capital city so has a similar atmosphere the difference is that you can feel the history stronger in Moscow. It is also the only city in the world that I have seen a man driving a bed down the street and no one thought it was strange. Man I Love London (and I have the t-shirt to prove it! :P)
I also took the chance while in London to pretend to be a tourist and take photos of famous sites in the city and of course eat a Mr. Whippy with my friend Hannah, we may be 19 and 20 but you are never too old!
I now only have about 10 days until I am back in Moscow so I have to spend my time being sensible and sorting things like packing and also trying to make the most of my time in England with my family because after this week I will not get to see them until June.

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