Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Super Babs in the Kitchen

It seems that the longer I spend in Russia the more random and bizarre my life seems to become, take for example last Friday our school organised the event ‘Russky Chai’ (Russian Tea party) and each group had to provide some form of entertainment. Other groups read translations of Robbie Burns’s poems or sang Russian songs or told stories. My group however decide to be totally different and created a Russian style ‘Ready Steady Cook’ programme called ‘Super Babushkas in the Kitchen’. Our inspiration also came from a Russian cooking programme that is sort of like ‘Come dine with me’ except that there is a Russian man who goes around to women’s houses and tells them how to be better cooks and better hosts. I found this hilarious when I first watched it basically at the idea of someone trying to tell a Russian person how to be nice to people. With these ideas in mind we performed our sketch with my friend Becky and I dressed as stereotypical babushkas and our other friend Martin as the host. Our teacher taught us how to talk like Babushkas and gave us some typical Babushka phrases like ‘O! You are too thin!’, ‘Why don’t you eat enough?!’ and the ever popular ‘EAT!’ this along with typical Babushka actions like hair stroking and tummy patty. We also had Babushka names too I was Marfusha and Becky was Akulina. All we could hear while we were acting was people laughing for me it was like being back at school with our Christmas show where the basic aim was to make a complete fool of your self in the name of comedy.
Our cook off started with Becky and I telling Martin our ingredients, we were both making the same salad but in Russia it has two different names so we each said a different one. Out of each of our bags we produced a carrot, a cucumber, a potato, eggs and then we each had a ‘secret weapon’ mine was salt Becky’s was dill and mayo.
After we had had our cook off with Martin ‘helping’ by putting huge amounts of salt and dill into our dishes we asked two of our friends to taste it, we meant taste as in mime eating it but they dived right in and ate a huge mouthful each, one of them then was then nearly sick, but being proper English men they simply grimaced manically then announced that it wasn’t actually that bad and was rather tasty.
What amazed and worried us a little was that one of the teacher’s sons came up and asked if he could try some, we did try to warn him that the ‘salad’ was basically salt, mayo, potato and carrot but he still insisted then more worryingly sat eating the salad while the next group performed. I haven’t heard anything since so I am assuming he is still alive. Inserted into this post is a picture of Becky and I as Babushkas the transformation is really quite scary! If I track down a video of this then I will post it too.

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