Monday, 29 December 2008

Sergei Posad

On Saturday my friend Becky and I decided that we had been in Moscow for too long and we needed to get some fresh country air and see a different landscape so we ventured North East to a town called Sergei Posad. After getting very confused by the Eletritchka time table and the not so helpful directions of a Russian man who was standing in the station drinking a beer we made it onto the right Electritchka and were speeding off out of Moscow. The journey was incredibly eventful mostly because every five minutes or so people selling everything from books to kitchen knives border the train trying to convince us to buy their wears. We also had a child who looked about four come on a sing us a song while his brother played the accordion.
Eventually we entered Sergei Posad a beautiful, small town, which was good for us as we didn’t have a map of the place. In Sergei Posad there were only a few shops, a restaurant and a monastery complex. We spent the afternoon looking around the monastery, which was the most beautiful I have ever seen then ran into the restaurant for lunch and to warm up as it was minus seven with ankle deep snow everywhere. Becky and I were the only people in the restaurant and probably the first English people to have ever been there too. We both ordered quesadillas and pancakes and they were the best I have ever tasted, even worth the hour and a half train journey just to eat them. After warming up and feeling lovely and full we bought some souvenirs from the market outside the monastery and took some pictures of the sun setting and of the statues in the area. We then made our way back to the station avoiding the huge pack of twenty or so stray dogs that were roaming around the town in time to catch the next train back to Moscow.
This town is definitely worth a visit if you are ever in the Moscow area. Entry to the monastery is free as it is a site of pilgrimage in the Russian Orthodox Church and the train journey was about £3 return, bargain! It looks like my next escape from Moscow will be back to England in a scarily close nine days!

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