Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Jesus Christ Super Star and Belfast

After the very cultural day spent in Red Square my evening was somewhat less cultural; a performance of Jesus Christ Superstar in Russian then Belfast Irish bar. I adored the performance of Jesus Christ Super Star or Yesu Krist Super Zvezda as it is in Russian obviously the music was the same as Andrew Lloyd Weber had written but the words had been translated to Russian and in places the language used made the songs more poignant, expressive and beautiful. It was strange as I was watching it I knew all the melodies and most of the words in my head but was hearing it in Russian. In places the songs were direct translations in others simply the meaning had been transferred. They even managed to include jokes into the play dressing the Jews who conspire against Jesus as stereotypical new Russian businessmen. Everyone in the audience thought this was hilarious.
This was then followed by a round of Kilkenny pints, not half litres real English pints, at Belfast Irish bar, Irish music and culture is really popular over here and it was the first time in my life that I have seen drunk Russians dancing river dance in the pub while other more reserved Russians sat around playing chess. I was in the chess playing group, I am English, the Russian stereotype of English people is that they are reserved I didn’t feel any need to try to change that and embarrass myself at the same time. We also had real toast to go with our pints it was the first time in about three and a half months that I ate toasts, man it was tasty!
I am now compiling a list of things I need to do while in the UK e.g. get new contact lenses, clothes, dentist etc and also a list of foods I NEED to eat while I am back so far it has Roast dinner, toast and Coco Pops on it. I am also compiling a list of places I need to visit in the UK so far it includes London, Cheltenham, Newport and Hull. If anyone wants to help me write my food list or places to visit list leave your advice in the comments box. You have 29 days until I am back in the UK J you have been warned! :P

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