Monday, 1 December 2008

Happy Advent

A new church year has started and the countdown to Christmas has began. For me it is going to be strange this year, for one thing I will not be at home for Christmas but will be celebrating it here in Moscow with some of my friends. We are hoping to cook a proper English roast but finding the various parts is proving slightly tricky. Anyway since being here and Christmas only just starting I have started to notice the things that I miss about England at this time, the annoying music in the shops, writing christmas cards, tacky decorations. Don't get me wrong they still annoy me but it is strange not to see them. OK we have decorations up here but they are all for New Year and not Christmas. Luckily I have found a carol service I can go to on December 14th so will not feel so strange and will not seem like I am the only devotchka celebrating Christmas in Moscow.
This December is going to be a strange one, the one thing that made my day yesterday was when one of my friends who had recently visited England gave me an advent calender and the stocking that my mum had loving filled for me ^_^ Right back to finding carols on Youtube!

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