Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Babushkas should come with a manual

During my stay here I have experienced many things and have steadily become accustomed to life here, however there is one thing that still continues to confuse both me and my friends and that is the infamous 'Babushka'. They dance in parks, they terrorise the streets and the metro, in queues they push to the front and push those who are in the way to the floor, if you annoy them they hit you. In England they would probably have ASBOs.
My friends and I live with them here in Moscow and they continue to confuse us. If we return earlier than we say, they get upset and ask why we are home, if we return they, they ask us why we are late and lecture us about the criminals of Russia. If we stay that we will be back late then they react as if we had told them we are off to prostitute ourselves in order to buy drugs. If we lie in then we are lazy, but if we wake early on the weekend then they want to know why and are confused. In short they are confusing and really need a manual.
Luckily mine is only a mild version of this and usually spents her time sleeping or watching tv, others are much worse. Be warned if you live with a babushka they are somewhat mad!

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