Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Spring Conference comes to Cheltenham

When I first heard this news I was more than a little pissed off. I knew that Cheltenham had been lobbying for Spring Forumn but I hoped it would come in my fourth year not April 2009 when I will be in Moscow. It is incredibly bloody annoying that the ONE year I am NOT in Cheltenham is the one year that something actually happens in the place! For one weekend the entire population of the Tory Party will descend on Cheltenham and I will NOT be able to be there! It is also incredibly annoying as had I been in the UK I could have stayed with my parents, paid NO money to do so, would have known where all the restaurants and bars etc are located. The thing that really puts the cake.
Ok have calmed down now. I would like to congratluate Mark Coote PPC on this success and wish him and everyone in Cheltenham Conservatives all the best for this conference. Hopefully if it is very successful then they will return there when I am in the UK and do nothave to spend £400 on flights from Moscow.

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