Thursday, 20 November 2008

Pervy Snow!

It started last night and continued today, we have officially recieved the first snow or 'Pervy sneg' as it is called in Russian. At first it was magical but after walking down the street it is not so fun as it is slightly wet and made my fur hat fur. Oh well! Am happy now! I have snow and can now wear my fur hat, when it gets a bit colder will crack out the fur coat :) Is set to be -7 tomorrow so may crack it out tomorrow! As well as finding the first snow I also have found the greatest hits of Russian Music Singer Dima Bilan so am walking around with them on my Ipod! Life is good! Here is a clip of him in Action, if you think he looks familiar he was the Russian entry and winner of Eurovision 2008:
English version

Russian version:

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