Saturday, 8 November 2008

Moscow Zoo

As you may have gathered I have survived the journey on the Russian train and am now in Ekaterinburg and not Moscow. Before I left Moscow I visited Moscow Zoo, I naively thought that because it is located right in the centre of Moscow it would be small and only have fairly safe animals. I was wrong. It was HUGE and took about 4 hours to walk around and I was so tired halfway through that we stopped for Candyfloss and a rest on a bench. Normally it is only children who eat the candyfloss at the Zoo and not 20 year old students so the vendor creates a portion to fit your size so a small child gets a small amount and an older child a bigger one. The guy seemed a bit stuck as to what to do with me so keep winding the sugar around the stick until it was nearly the same size as my upper body! Somehow I then managed to get most of it on me and not in my mouth, which was fairly embarassing. The situation was then made worse by the fact that opposite me was a kid of about 12 eating his with no trouble at all and none anywhere on his person or on the floor. As a precaution you get a wetwipe with your candyfloss I used mine and then about 5 more, luckily Anna's mum was prepared and had a pack of about 30 in her handbag so I could remove basically all of the sugary mess from me, my jacket, my jeans and somehow too my hair.
I loved going around Moscow zoo and seeing all the different animals most of whom seemed fairly happy and unaware that they were in the centre of Moscow and not in their native lands. One thing that did strike me was that some of the arrangements of the animals was perhaps not thought out very well. For example in the 'Detsky Zoopark' (Children's Zoo) it went Goats, Wolves, Pigs, Bear, to me this seemed a bit stupid to put the pigs in between the bear and the wolves, to me that was just asking for trouble, but there we go.
The Zoo was an excellent place to see and not just aimed at children, it was also good to see what the animals were called in Russian too. As a tourist attraction I would give this 9/10.

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