Thursday, 2 October 2008

Well that sucks

On my bi-weekly checking of email I receieved one informing me that the course I had applied for in Petersburg in Term 2 of my year abroad has been cancelled. I have been given the option to switch from Russian and English teaching to simply Russian at the same institution or to switch course completely and potentially stay in Moscow. I'm now not really sure what to do! Luckily the man in charge of RLUS, the company organising everything, is over on October 20th so can discuss it with him then in person.
To add to my seemingly aweful week I nearly got bitten by a stray cat, at Language Link they have stray cats that have been adopted by the staff and are fed etc. On Tuesday I was coming into uni saw one looking a bit lost so I decided to pet it to cheer it up, it let me stroke it, then sniffed my hand, I thought this was a good thing as when my cats do it they then purr, no this little bastard decided to try and take out my little finger, which I hastly removed. The last think I want is to go to the embassy for a rabies shot and not be able to drink for 6 months, I think I'd rather get rabies! So am now staying away from babushky, stray dogs, cats and wolves!
Any suggestions of what I should do for next term would be helpful as I now have no idea, also if anyone is or knows any Russian Classical musicians that would be really helpful as I have to write a project on it while I am out here and it is impossible to find magazines about classical music or reviews in papers about performances! Help is needed!

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Fi Jones said...

Well the swines just wiped all that i told you about 5 famous Russian composers, one of whom worked at the Uni there! Great. They are Mily Balakirev (the leader), C├ęsar Cui, Modest Mussorgsky, who did "Night on a Bald Mountain" (really wild), Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, who wrote "flight of the bumblebee" and Alexander Borodin. I did a ocuple of them at school GCSE. Also, of course, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, who also visited Estonia and has a memorial there (I saw it). Thinking of you hun, God bless, fi