Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Shashliks and news

On Sunday a group of my friend's from here in Lanuage Link Moscow ventured out into the woods on the outskirts of Moscow to eat Shashlik (Russian Kebabs), drink and generally have fun. This also involved building a bonfire from the sticks and wood found lying around the clearing where we were. It was deffinetely a worthwhile experience, even if we did freeze for 4 hours or so in the Forest when the temperature was around 6C and have to climb over a slight river, lots of mud and what I'm fairly sure was a pretty main train track to get to the clearing.
One of the funniest parts of this was watching the guys try to break huge pieces of wood into smaller fire size pieces against a tree. (video below, pictures on Facebook)

The day after this we had our meeting with Dr. Roy Bivon the man behind RLUS the company that organises my trip. As I already blogged my course in Petersburg got cancelled so I had to change my plans and decided to stay in Moscow and change to the 36 week course. Meaning that I will be back in the UK for only 3 weeks in January rather than 5 weeks as was my original plan. it will be a rather brief trip but it will give me a break from Russia and a chance to see my family and friends! All I need to do now is book my plane tickets and sort out my Visa!

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