Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Another reason to study Russian

Right here is another reason to study Russian Language, like you need one! His name Konstantin Khabensky, his profession actor. While being over here I am trying to experience as much of Russia and Russian culture as is possible, one of the most popular forms of entertainment here is Cinema, it's cheap, easily accessable and available to all. In the past I have blogged about the modern Russian films 'Night Watch' and 'Day Watch', set here in Moscow (they are the first two films in the 'watch' trilogy and are in the vampire horror genre) in which stars Konstantin Khabensky as the main character of Anton Gorodetsky. Since I have arrived a new film has been released called 'Admiral' I have no clue what it is about but Konstantin Khobansky is in it so that is a good enough reason as any to watch it! So in short if you study Russian then you get to watch films with this lovely actor in them.
NB appologies if my English is bad I am being beaten into submission by Russian Language, and only speak english with my family and pupils.

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