Monday, 22 September 2008

West Moscow

Once again I am sat in a MacDonald's in Moscow blogging about life here and my antics in the former USSR, on Saturday I met up again with my Russian friends and was taken on a guided tour of West Moscow and park Pobyedoi a park dedicated to the military victories of Russia and the USSR. This was mostly made up of lots and lots of statues and monuments- all of which were beautiful and interesting to look at (photos will hopefully be on Facebook soon, photo to the left is me in Park Pobyedoi in my Russian jacket- it's warmer than my English coat even though it's half the size!)
After looking around the tank, train and weaponary at park pobyedoi we decided to explore more of west Moscow and have dinner at my friend's house, which I was informed wasn't too far away, 'not too far away' turned out to be about 7km away but there we go. This also involved crossing two forests and what I believe to be the Moscow version of the M25. This was possibly the most scary experience, my friend had just told me about how mad Russian drivers were and how unfriendly and didn't really care about who they hit, when he then turned to me and said 'now we cross' grabbed my hand and dragged me across the road. Luckily it was during a quiet patch so no harm done. I am now placing odds on which will finish me off first the Militsia or the traffic!
Once we had had our explore and I had gotten to see Stalin's Datcha, which is now a military base, we tucked into a proper Russian dinner, am not sure what the dishes were officially called but they very tasty. My friend's family talked to each other and me in Russian and I tried to keep up but was so hard as Russian people speak very, very quickly. After seeing a few photographs of my friend as a child, which got shown to me ever after he had protested strongly it was time to take the electricka home.

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