Monday, 1 September 2008

Restaurant reviews

This is a bit of a random post to write but hey! Over the past two weeks I have been in something like 4 different restaurants and it got me thinking about what actually makes a good restaurant. Over the summer I have been working at a restaurant in Charlton Kings, which I consider to be an excellent place to dine. The things to consider when dining out are price, value for money, service and quality of the food. Now I am going to give an example of a restaurant I considered awful and one that I consider good.
On Friday mum and I spent the day buying all my things for Russia and decided to have a meal at Bella Italia Cheltenham. I had been there previously that month with a good friend of mine and we had had a very good meal and excellent service however on the day in question things were far from that. The staff were lacking in social skills and there seemed to only one person doing any work at all. After waiting an age to order our food it then arrived cold and had to be sent back to be re-cooked. Something completely unacceptable in my view. While we were there other people were also complaining and even receiving free meals as compensation as a result of the fact that half the menu had sold out. Not only was the food bad but there were little things missing like unpolished cutlery and glasses. In short this place was lacking in every area and would have been a lot better if I had been running it!
Now an example of a great restaurant, The Reservoir in Charlton Kings. The staff our friendly and always try to sort any problems quickly. The food is all fresh local produce and cooked fantastically by the chefs Kevin, Lucy, Mel and Christelle and the menu is designed by Celebrity chef Martin Blunos. The place even looks classy from the outside as the glasses and cutlery are polished daily and laid up correctly on each table. This is one place that I would recommend to anyone regardless of occasion. If eating here I would recommend the fish cakes for starter, Lamb for main and then Evesham berry mess or Sticky Toffee pudding for desert. A definite 10/10 in my opinion.
Having experience of dinning out in the UK the next stop is to experience while in Russia, blog posts to follow about it soon!

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