Saturday, 13 September 2008

Red Square

Today I decided to be a proper tourist and actually go somewhere in Moscow outside of my flat and the University. So with two of my friends we ventured to Red Square and St. Basils. After having a wander around and looking at the outside of the buildings, and me taking as many pictures as I could, we ventured into GUM, a huge superstore located on Red Square a sort of Harrods of Moscow, needless to say we did not buy anything as it is the place where the Russian Oligarchs go to spend there money. The most amusing thing I found to buy was a Dmitri Medvedev t-shirt ->.I thought it was quite cool in a sort of patriotically tacky sort of way, so it has been added to my list of random stuff to buy to take home on the list so far is a Medvedev-Putin wall clock I found in a market the other day. I was half hoping Putin or Medvedev might walk out of the Kremlin at just the right time for me to get a picture with them, but sadly no luck only saw the Stalin and Lenin look alikes walking around.
The most amusing thing I saw today was a group of American Tourists walking out of MacDonalds talking about the menu and the prices. To me it kind of seemed pointless to have flown half way around the world to then eat in a restaurant which you invented and have in abundance in your own country when there are God knows how many Russian restaurants which you could eat in! Although to be fair to them Big Mac is the same in Russian as in American. The randomest thing seen today was numerous brides and grooms walking around Red Square having their pictures taken in front of St. Basils. Admittedly this would make for a quite impressive wedding shot but to travel all the way? Hum who knows.
Having criticised the Americans for going to MacDonalds I am now sat here myself, the difference is that I do not have an internet connection at home unless I want to pay 6000p for the modem and 2000p a month for the internet, which I don't want to do as that is money I could put to better use on winter clothes to stop myself from freezing to death until I return to the UK. The weather here is very random when we first arrived it was 28C and sunny then the rest of this week was about 4C with not stop rain and today it's cold but sunny. Oh well gives me a good excuse to go shopping :) Anyway this blog post has been written in my randomest choice of location thus far, a Russian MacDonalds just outside of Red Square. Should write a book on extreme blogging that would be a fun adventure!

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