Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Moscow Metro Game

It's my first week of Uni here in Moscow and we are steadily working our way through different social situations and the vocab etc that you would need for them. One of these was how to use the Moscow Metro, and to experience this first hand our teacher decided we should play a game on it. We were not quite sure what exactly this would involve and hoped it didn't involve talking to anyone. Luckily it didn't, we were taken to a station to start, given a card with a station name on it and half a message, our partner from the other group would make their way from their starting point to the same station and, in theory, would be waiting at that same station with the other half of the card and the other half of the message. We each had a copy of the Moscow metro map and were sent to it. Being the competative type I didn't hang around and ran to the nearest train planning my route as I went. Luckily for me when I arrived at my stop my partner was already there and making notes on the station for the questioning we would receive upon our return to class. After madly running around the metro and through the streets of Moscow I arrived back at class, and best of all my partner and I were first so we won some Russian chocolate.
Life here is so different to back home, there is no way with all the health and safety laws that this would be allowed too many chances to lose people or for people to get hurt. That and the London tube isn't realiable enough for this! Oh well on with the Russian adventures. Hopefully more random antics to report soon!

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