Monday, 15 September 2008

Life goes on

I have discovered that getting what you wish for in life is not always the thing that is best for you. Take for example last week while our heat wave was raging in Moscow and I was not able to sleep because my 7th floor flat was so unbelievibly hot I wished/prayed that it would go back to nice normal cold Russian Autumn temperatures, which 2 days later it did. I was happy this was however until this change in temperature led to rain, which led to me getting soaked while going to Uni/a night out, which has led to me now being sick with a cold. Admittedly not a nice thing but what is worse is the fact that all the usual things I would need/ demand to have while sick like tissues, Soothers, Lemsip etc can not be found in my local Apcheka. So if anyone has any tips on how to recover from a cold quickly please text me to tell me. What is more worrying me is that yesterday I prayed for snow, let's hope the God does not answer that prayer as I have yet to buy my Russian boots, coat and fur hat and after our medical and safety chat at the Embassy today the last place I really want to end up is an ex-Soviet hospital with hyperthermia!

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Damon Lord said...

Here's a suggestion - plenty of orange juice. The vitamin C apparently is good for you.