Tuesday, 2 September 2008

The last toast I mean post

This will officially be my last post from the UK for about 4 months or so, unless I get deported or forced to leave for diplomatic reasons. So what to say?! Well I am Moscow bound the plane leaves stupidly early tomorrow morning, waaay before I normally even consider getting up even for work. I love all my friends and family and should I die then you can divide my Russian dictionaries and novels between yourselves, but Boris gets all my money I want to make sure that he is looked after properly!
For those of you who don't know I will be studying at a place called Language Link in Moscow, I will be staying with a Russian family (who I will meet for the first time tomorrow) and I will be writing a project on the fate of Classical Music in Russia since 1990 (for those who don't know that is when the Soviet Union collapsed and the Iron curtain fell. Censorship laws steadily laxened and previously banned materials slowly became unbanned) Until I arrive I do not know what the Internet access will be like so I could be blogging endlessly each day or simply once a week, I just don't know! So for now it's 'Poka' rather than 'Do svidaniya!'
Here's something to entertain you until the next post- Rammstein and Tatu- Moscow (well It had to be really didn't it!?)

P.S. If anyone knows the link between the title of this post and Moscow they get a prize!

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Damon Lord said...

Best wishes for your journey and your stay in Москва́.