Monday, 29 September 2008


This post is dedicated to all the Babushky in Moscow, now there are a lot of them here being as the average life expectancy of men is lower than women. Now in my time here so far I have had a few different experiences with them.
The most humourest run in has to be the dancing Babushky in Alexandersky Gardens by Red Square. Every Saturday the Military orchestra gathers to play music to the public and a group of babushku appear at the same time and dance in pairs to the music. I saw this with my Russian friend and I found it hilarious to watch but he couldn't understand why. I then tried to explain that this simply wouldn't happen in the UK not even for celebrations or festivals.
Having described the nice side to the Russian Babushka it is time to outline that despite how sweet and cute they look at heart they are vicious. My friend was telling me on Sunday how he had been walking along the street and witnessed a man on a bicycle overtake a babushka, she had not liked this in the slightest and waited for his back wheel to be level with her before she kicked it so hard it knocked him off balance and he fell off.
I myself have had my run ins with them, while walking into MacDonald's earlier to once again use the free wifi I had one actually push me out of the way to get in, then the same one elbowed me out of the way to get to the counter, then once she had received her order she turned straight round and knocked into me spilling her drink, she then went bloody mental at me in Russian some of which I understood. I started with 'devushka' and I think the words 'f*ck' and 'b*tch' were in there somewhere too
, having yelled at me she proceeded to hit me pretty hard for someone who looked about 90 and then stalked off. I was in shock for some minutes because behaviour like this simply doesn't happen in the UK. The older generation are usually so scared by the 'Youth of today' that they normally avoid them like the plague. While I would like to see this situation change and have the pensioners not live in fear I most certainly do NOT want them to be as bloody rude and heartless as they are here.
I think the best thing to say is stay away from stray dogs and babushku!


Damon Lord said...

Russian ASBO grannies. I'm sure there's a niche market for a website on that....

Alexey said...

nice video

я тоже заходил в эту ротонду, понравилось

Lana said...

"Babushka" is grandma. I am 42 and I am grandma too but I do not dance on the street :-)