Monday, 25 August 2008

Olympics Summary

While other blogs have written a lot of posts about the Olympics in Bejing and all our various medals I have waited until the end to write my post about it, that and my time was taken up with family things and work.
It has been said that this Olympics was the most successful for Team GB in recent years coming fourth overall in the medals table is amazing considering that it is normally all the big countries with a high population density that win. My favourite observation of the games comes from my brother Ben; 'we only seem to win gold medals in the sports where we are sat on our arses', fair point!
The closing ceremony saw the flag handed over to newly elected Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who did not, as some feared he might, drop the flag or make any random comments about Chinese people. The baton has now been passed on to London and the Olympics in 2012. Let's hope we can be even more successful in London and that our Olympics can be even better than the one just past. Who knows in 2012 I could be working at the Olympics as a translator!
I would like to congratulate all the British Sportsmen and women who won medals and those who took part. I consider myself to have had an active day if I have to run to the tube in the morning let alone training as these competitors do each and everyday!

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