Monday, 25 August 2008

Next stop Russia

Last Friday took me one step closer in my move to Russia, I successfully obtained my visa. The day was long and hectic but so fun as well as I got to spend the day in London with my mum. The day started at 4:15am when mum walked in to wake me so that we wouldn't miss our coach to London that was due to leave around 5am. For anyone who knows me, this time for me is more like bedtime rather than waking up time so it was a bit of a shock to the system.
After a some what blurry coach trip we arrived at the Russian Embassy around 8am and queued til it opened at 8:30am. A family friend had been through the same process earlier that week and had told us to expect to queue for around 3 hours to submit the Visa and around an hour to collect the Visa. This luckily did not happen to mum and I and by 8:55am we were all done and simply had to return later to collect and check the visa. So being me we spend the rest of the day at the SSEES Library, raiding the UCL shop for a new hoodie and then in Harrods, as well as various Starbucks and pubs.
Four o'clock rolled around and we were back in the embassy collecting my visa, so now I am all set. I have the flights booked, the course sorted and I will find out where I am staying once I arrive in Moscow. All I need to do now is pack and say my last good byes!
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