Sunday, 24 August 2008

Irish Antics 2- The Wedding

Now as you may have gathered from the first post things didn't quite run to plan the day before the wedding however the day of the wedding went a lot smoother ignoring one minor incident in time keeping.

Thursday- The Wedding and Reception
The day started off well, the hair dresser arrived at 6:40am and sorted my hair and Jamie's hair with no problems, while this was going on we were trying to each a little bit of breakfast as the reception meal was due to start at 5:30pm. having got our hair and make up sorted we were off a little late but still en route to the church in Cork. However we arrived a little late to Cork and after we were all changed and had picked up Jamie's Grand Father, we left for the church and arrived only 1 hour late fairly good by Irish time. The strange thing was no one seemed to really care, guess that was because they were all on Irish time. The service was beautiful and everything was lovely.
It was then time for the reception and after numerous photographs in the break in between storms we all departed for Tralee. Mary (the other bridesmaid) and I in Kieran (the groomsman) car. After we stopped on a nearby beach for some snaps the next stop was the hotel. Being the rest of the wedding party we decided that we had to make an entrance to the reception. This entrance involved me standing out of the sun roof shooting 'woooo!' while Kieran and Mary beeped the horn as loudly as possible. All I can say is we made an entrance, mostly as I had taken off my bolero and 'demodested' which did not please some of the other guest and lead to a quick lecture on modesty and decorum, and how to dress in order to not upset the priest. That and we were more or less the last people to arrive so everyone saw us, possibly one of the best entrances to an event I have ever made.
The meal at the reception was wonderful and the speeches from the Groomsmen, the Groom, the Father of the Bride and the Father of the Groom were funny, sentimental and beautiful. After the meal was the cutting of the cake and then the party. The other guests and I danced the night away until 2am. The only bad thing at the end of this was sore feet from my shoes and being danced on. At one point I was dancing with Kieran and was swung so hard my feet were not touching the ground!
Despite the rain and the Irish timing this was possibly the best day of my life, everyone was dressed in suits and dresses, it involved drinking, dancing and a wonderful meal. But best of all I got to spend it with my best friend and watch her marry the man that she loves. What more could a person want? So a huge congratulations to Mr and Mrs O'Donovan.
The Full bridal party (L->R)
The best man- Jamie Neagal, Maid of honour- Me, The Groom -Paul O'Donovan, The Bride- Jamie O'Donovan, The Ring Bearer- Alexander Moon, Bridesmaid- Mary, Groomsman- Kieran O'Donovan

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