Sunday, 24 August 2008

Irish Antics 1- The day before the wedding

As promised here is a summary of some of my favourite antics and adventures across the sea in the Emerald Isle. To be honest fun stuff happened almost everyday so will give the best story from each day broken up into separate posts so as not to make them too long.

Wednesday- The day before the wedding
As you can imagine the day before the big day was some what stressful with loads to do, so the day before Jamie, Paul and I laid out our plan of action in order to get everything sorted as quickly as possible so that Jamie and I could sit down with a glass of wine each and have her last chat as an unmarried woman. The ideal plan get down to Cork from Tralee in order to have the practise of the service, drop Paul in Cork at his parents for the wedding the next day, Jamie and I return to Paul's flat in Tralee in order to pick up all the Bride's and Bridesmaid's stuff for the wedding, then travel to Listowel to the Enright's house where Jamie and I will stay before leaving for the wedding. Sounds simple enough.
Here's what actually happened:
Everyone arrived at the church in Cork for the rehearsal on Irish time, then left on English time, we then decorated the church, then left Cork on time as planned with Paul en route to his parents. Jamie and I then had a lovely 2 hour road trip to Tralee listening and dancing to Michael Buble, Nickleback etc and basically having a great chat about life, the universal and guys. We then arrived at Paul's flat about 10pm- roughly on time. However we did not leave at the time we planned, after 10 minutes of jiggling the lock and generally kicking the door Jamie and I called security for some help. One hour later the guard was still at a lose so called her supervisor, an hour and a half after he had been called and much swearing and cigarettes had ensued they gave up and called for the Halls manager. By now it was about 1am and Jamie and I were frozen and bored, when this had all started to keep warm we had started dancing YMCA and taking pictures of us 'breaking in' but this lost it's appeal fairly quickly, these are the one pictured here. Around 1:30am the manager had fixed the lock and we were in.
After all of this you would think things would have gone smoothly but sadly for us when we were nearly at Listowel we realised we had forgotten some stuff and had to return to Paul's. Around 2am we had the realisation that unless we both had a shower now we would not be able to shower until the day after the wedding. It was upon this realisation that we discovered that Paul had no hot water in his flat so we had, to quote my friend Patrick, 'man up' and have a freezing shower each after choosing vanity over sanity. Around 3:30am Jamie and I were tucked up in bed in Listowel sleeping sweetly knowing that later that day was the wedding and that we needed to be up by 6:30am at the latest in order to make it to the church on time.

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