Saturday, 30 August 2008

American thoughts

So it's coming closer to the American Presidential elections, the candidates for both parties have been selected. John McCain for the Republicans and Barack Obama for the Democrats, after a long battle with Hilary 'doesn't know when to quit and sod off home' Clinton. This week their two running mates have been chosen, John McCain has opted for Sarah Palin, a woman who so far has annoyed me a lot less than Hilary Clinton, and Barack Obama has opted for Joe Biden.
In my experience in dealing with Americans they tend to like things to be straight forward and like things not to involve much thought and these two pairing will most certainly NOT do this. The past few elections it has been two pairs of two white American males but this time round no such pairing exists. If push comes to shove and you can't be bothered to read the manifestos then it comes down to this, if you vote Republican you vote for the woman, but if you vote democrat then you vote for the Black guy. It is an interesting reflection of how times have changed and how politics is not just a sphere for White Males anymore.
At the end of the day I do care about this election as it will affect things here in the UK and elsewhere abroad, however there is a part of me that is really and truly sick of hearing about this election. This has mostly been caused by the whole Obama vs Clinton saga, I am not a huge fan of either of them and at it's height this saga was putting me off even opening a news paper because I knew that all I would read about would be that. Last time I checked McCain was ahead by 5 points all I can say is that I hope that it stays this way and that McCain can become the next president of the United States.


Nick said...

...but why do you want Mccain to win?

Laura-Rose said...

Because Obama annoys the hell out of me! His wife is even worse! She's like Clinton on steriods annoying! Would rather have McCain and Palin who have yet done nothing to annoy me than have to look at anyone or anything from the Democratic party!

Nick said...

So you're backing is an "anti-vote".

Do you agree with the Republicans' policies on gun control? or on same-sex marriage? to pick two examples.

Much of Republican politics is alien to the politics we are used to in the UK. Obama could very easily be closer to British Conservatism than the Republicans.

Laura-Rose said...

Yeah I guess my vote would be in that way.

TBH at this point I have not really thought much about how I would change these issues if I was in charge. What I like about American politics is that people really take a stand about things and people don't tend to go 'Woah how extreme!' as they do over here unless the issue is like 'Kill all the black people' in which case I'm guessing they would be a little shocked. But on things like abortion if a senetor comes out and says that they are totally against it then people aren't really shocked to the extent they are over here.