Sunday, 31 August 2008

2 Days to go!

Well it's getting down to the last days before I leave and apart from regularly checking Sky News to see if Russia and Georgia have made up the only thing left to do is pack. The one thing that I loath with a full on passion, even more than I loath Gordon Brown which is really saying something! Mum and I spent the last couple of days buying clothes, currency, a suitcase etc and trying to guess what I may need to take for what, which is a little difficult being as I will be out there until January and only have a 20 kg limit.
Now my mum has always refused to help me pack as it is 'one of those life skills I should learn for myself' that and the fact that because I hate it so much my temper always gets the better of me. A top refused to go back on the hanger last time I was in M and S and after much swearing that ended up being flung across the changing room. I think that was the point at which my mother decided that I could pack alone so that she could avoid having a back eye. To warn you if you walk past my house and see my hair dryer or my hair straighteners in the garden that is probably the reason for it.
One thing that was important for me to do before I left was get prayer from my church, so today as it was my last service there I stood up the front and gave a small speech on what I was up to then was prayed for, with God on my side then who can stand against me. This really helped and has now given me a huge sense of peace about everything, well more peaceful than I was about going to University. Now I just want to get on the plane and have my adventure begin. I will blog before I leave but will be using this site now as my way to keep my family updated on what I am up to and to let them know that I am safe.
Oh and today's song of the day is 'Open your heart to me' by Madonna, now I am not a huge Madonna fan and find most of her recent stuff a bit rubbish and to be honest her muscles scare me witless but I like this song, was dancing around my room to it earlier.

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