Monday, 14 July 2008

Selecting Saunders for a Better Bristol and a Splendid South Gloucestershire

Nick asked James and I to outline what we do for those member who reside in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. Former US President Ronald Reagan once said "It's true hard work never killed anybody, but I figure, why take the chance?" while he may have been a good president he was wrong about the hard work part. I believe that only through hard work can one become a fantastic Area Chairman, in the past I have never been afraid to work hard and strive for the best. By voting for me you will not be elected anyone with a Ronald Reagan attitude to working hard.

Here are my plans for Bristol and South Gloucestershire:
South Gloucestershire

At present our numbers in South Gloucestershire seem quite low, I would like to increase them so that, like there is in existence in Gloucestershire, there is the possibility to have independent meetings and eventually a South Gloucestershire Chairman.

I would organise socials to follow a similar pattern as Gloucestershire manly focus on meeting other members. CF Socials to me are about the chance to meet each other and create a strong link between members. Many of my best friends have been made through CF meetings and I would love to see new friendships bloom through our meetings in the county.

As I mentioned before in my manifesto I would like members in all the different areas to have a strong relationship with their PPC or MP and to primarily attend their campaigning sessions rather than commute all over the county. One of my plans should I win office is to hold an action day in Stroud with Neil Carmichael PPC. I have been meaning to organise this for a while and when I last met Neil at a TRG event in London he was hugely positive about having CF involved with his campaign in Stroud.

For me Bristol is a hugely important part of out county, not just because I was born there but because it is the biggest city in the county and thus has the most voters and the way it is divided up means that it has more PPCs.

In my experience most CF members in Bristol are members of the Universities as I previously said I would leave the Universities to organise their own speakers and socials but I would help them to organise events if they require it. Members who are not attached to a University I would advise to attend the meetings that happen on Campus but should these increase in number non University events would be organised.

For Campaigns I would ask members to campaign with the PPC or MP that they can get to the easiest but would ask them to attend Action days when they occur in specific areas.

Something I would encourage members in is standing for elections at council level whether it be in a winnable place or simply as a paper candidate. Members have done this in the past and it has given them an excellent insight into what it is like to campaign as the candidate rather than just as an activist.

Thank you for reading. If you have liked what you have read then please Select Saunders!

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