Sunday, 6 July 2008

Prince Caspian- Film Review

I was lucky enough to have Friday morning and afternoon free so my mum and I decided to check out the latest installment in The Chronicles of Narnia-Prince Caspian. My mother and I felt that this was a good idea for three reasons, 1 we both loved the books, 2. The books were written by C.S. Lewis and are based around Christian ideology eg Aslan is Jesus, learning to over come your pride, trusting in Aslan (Jesus) etc, and 3. We liked the look of the actor playing Prince Caspian based on the posters we had seen up around town.
This film turned out to be one of the best I have seen all year, the storyline was good, easily to follow but yet at the same time not predictable. Being that it is meant for kiddies the action and battle scenes were vivid but not as gory as they would have been had it been rated as 12A. The film, as aforementioned, contain strong ideals. Things like learning to trust other and not give in to pride- Peter refused to listened to listen to Lucy before the first battle and it cost him the lives of half his army.
Further reasons to watch this film are Exhibit 1; Prince Caspian (Ben Barnes, pictured left) and Exhibit 2; Peter Pensivie (William Moseley, pictured right). Even if you are not attracted to these two I would highly recommend going to see it even though it is aimed at children it is fantastic a definite 5*s here.

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