Sunday, 13 July 2008

Political Animals

Ever since I became a member of CF and joined the blogging community I have come across a wide variety of blogs. Admittedly most of these are of a political nature but I have found that the most interesting ones are combination blogs that offer views on things like current affairs, politics and languages but also include other things like amusing videos, pictures and anecdotes about life.
One interesting idea that I have come across is anonymous blogs where the writer poses as an animal. In my searchings I have come across four animal blogs Monkey with a Blue Rosette, Tory Bear, Political Rhino and The Blue Guerrilla. Each of these I have found very amusing and enjoyable to read. In the past I have been lucky enough to meet Monkey with a Blue Rosette prior to his untimely accident on Election Night this May, however sadly for me when we met at the CF Hustings he had come down with a bout of laryngitis and was rendered incommunicable.
The newest blog I have come across is Tory Bear, a blog focused primarily on Conservative Future with the mission statement;
'The two problems I have with CF are its lack of accountability and its lack of humour - I intend to kill, or at least wound these two birds with one stone.'
To date I have found this to be more than true. Whoever Tory Bear may be it is great to read a blog where opinions are not afraid to be spoken. However to date Monkey with a Blue Rosette is the blog that has most captured my imagination. His wit and the quirky features are brilliant, the idea of a Monkey being a PPC and a Councillor is hilarious. It is also the way that the author has given the character the proper persona of a Monkey.
The idea of writing a blog anonymously is an interesting, it allows you to write what your truly feel without the fear of the fall out it may entail, however when you are successful at it there is the risk that your alter ego may end up becoming more popular than you are. Hats off to all the Political Animals out there and I look forward to any more that may emerge in the future. My eyes are peeled for the next Conservative Kitty or Political Pussy.

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