Thursday, 3 July 2008

More Uncyclopedia

Having looked at the Conservative Party I then ventured onto the Labour Party and the Lib Dems. Here are my favourite extracts:

'Why do so many people vote Labour?
  • People love the great taste?
  • Gordon Brown's winning smile and easy-going humour?
  • They are illegal-immigrants and the Daily Mail told them that Labour were planning to give them a billion pounds a year and a free palace?
  • It eases their guilt about being middle-class and having two cars?

But The Number One Most Popular Reason:

  • To spite the Tories, those bastards.'

Lib Dems:
'Policies- The Liberals don't believe in having principles or policies. In the run up to any election compaign they will simply adopt any position that has not been taken by the Manual Labour Party or Conservatory Party. The only policy they have consistently maintained is the legalisation of sex with young boys.

For more funny extracts go to Google, type in Uncyclopedia then search through it, it's late and I'm too tired and lazy to stick in the proper link.

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