Tuesday, 8 July 2008


For those of you who do not know me, my name is Laura-Rose Saunders and I am standing as one of the Candidates for Bristol and Gloucestershire Conservative Future. At present I am a 20 year old Student at University College London where I am in my third year studying Russian with Czech and Slovak. Despite being fairly young to be standing for such a position I believe I have what it takes to be the next Area Chairman.

Below I have outlined what would happen in regards to Social Action Projects, Socials and Campaigns if I were to be elected.

Social action:
For me Social Action projects are a key part of CF life and I have been lucky enough to be involved in a few in my time. I would try to organise a Social Action project once every six months. I would keep in touch with the different Conservative Agencies in order to find out areas in which there may be an opportunity for CF to help out, be it painting community centres, gardening, joining in sports activities with local children or simply doing random acts of kindness like carrying people’s shopping bags to their cars. Furthermore I would keep in touch with the National Social Action Project group to see if there are any Action Projects that Members could also help out with and also to advertise ours so that non county CF members could have the chance to help us.

I would stick with the format we have now. Gloucestershire CF would have monthly meetings changing location each time in order that the same members do not have to commute to meetings each time. The Universities would continue to organise their own events but they would be publicised to all members in the county.
I would organise different types of socials ranging from asking MPs and PPCs to tell us about their experiences in Parliament and on the Campaign trail but I would also look into other types of Socials like trips to the Cinema, Bowling, Road trip to the beach, Group trip to Parliament. Variety is the spice of life after all.

With Campaigning I believe that CF are a hugely useful resource for MPs and PPCs, not only do we help them with the delivering of leaflets or with canvassing being as we a younger, and in theory, fitter and more energetic than some of the older members. But we are able to show the general public that the youth in the country are interested in politics and wanting to help to shape the future for the better.
I would ask CF members to focus primarily in the areas that they are based in, most of the PPCs I know go out campaigning every Saturday so it would make more sense to campaign locally rather than commute to different places each week. However I would ask for members help in specific areas when PPCs and MPs hold Action days. Not only is it helpful for the PPCs and MPs but it also allows members to mix and meet each other in a situation that is not primarily a social event. It also allows members to experience campaigning and pick up tips from other members while out and about, as well as meet the MPs and PPCs in the county.

Reasons to vote for me:
To finish I would like to state a few reasons why I believe that you should vote for me to be the next Area Chairman of Bristol and Gloucestershire CF:
-> As I mentioned earlier although I am young I believe I have the experience required to make a great Area Chairman. In the two years I have been involved in CF I have been involved in numerous campaigns both in the county and within the UK, with MPs and PPCs such as Nicholas Soames, Boris Johnson, Mark Coote and Jesse Norman.
-> I believe I have a good relationship with CF National Chairman Michael Rock and the other members of the NME making it easier to communicate with those higher up in CF and allow our CF group not to be isolated from the rest of the CF movement.
-> In the past I have held the position of Social Secretary at my University CF group and have been Deputy Area Chairman to Nick Webb as well as being in charge of the Bristol and Gloucestershire CF website. These roles have allowed me to experience how CF works on a variety of different levels. In my role of Social Secretary I was in charge of booking speakers for meetings such as Shane Greer and Steve Norris and organising a variety of events such as the UCLCF Question Time event.
-> Despite the fact that, as Nick mentioned, I will be living in Moscow from September 3rd I believe that the only way that this will hinder me in my performance as Chairman will be in the ability to attend meetings. From an organisational perspective everything is sorted by email or over the phone two mediums that, contrary to popular belief, do exist in Russia. For the past two years I have helped Nick organise events from London through Facebook and hotmail. While being out of the country would make it harder to organise events it would not be impossible.
-> I would deputise some of the responsibilities and roles with CF to other members giving them the chance to take an active role in the running of CF and gain experience in the running of a CF group.
-> I believe myself to be a hardworking, energetic and friendly person who would try her hardest in this role and would listen to what the members in Bristol and Gloucestershire CF want changing it only for the better.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish my opponent James Skinner the very best of luck with his Campaign to become Area Chairman. James is a fantastic guy and I consider myself lucky to have him as my opponent.

To end I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this. To quote Margret Thatcher ‘I fight on, I fight to win.’ Please Select Saunders for Bristol and Gloucestershire Area Chairman.

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