Monday, 7 July 2008

Endorsement 1

As part of my Campaign to become Area Chairman I have asked for some endorsements from fellow CF members. Here is the first from UCL Conservatives President, Eamonn Hurley-Flynn:

'Having worked with Laura for the past two years at the UCL Conservative Society, I know how dedicated she is to the Conservative Future cause. She has never failed to attend a meeting and she has always participated in debates and speaking events, even when she was forced to argue that black was white!

Having been Social Secretary in the society this year, she has helped to co-ordinate events, meet and greet speaker and help new members feel welcome and appreciated.

I have no doubt that she will make an excellent chairwoman for the Bristol and Gloucester area and will be able to co-ordinate affairs from wherever she ends up.

All the best and good luck Laura!

Eamonn Hurley-Flynn
(UCL Conservative Society President 2008-2009)'

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