Thursday, 26 June 2008

Murphy's Law

It's my day off I planned to spend it asleep until midday, then get up and basically lie around watching day time TV shows like Jeremy Kyle or whatever happens to be on Dave. However my plans were crushed on two fronts. Firstly my cat Boris decided to wake me at 5am by meowing as loudly as possible and scratching at my door, something he never does. Secondly by my neighbours deciding that they needed their builders to start work at 8:30am the normal time I have to get up for work. This also pissed my brother off as he was trying to have a lie in, something he also deserved as it's his birthday. It's 11:55 now and the builders have gone, seriously who needs to have work done on their house at 8:30am?!?!?! Any other day I wouldn't have cared but today is my day off typical! Right back to watching 4OD and eating biscuits.

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