Monday, 16 June 2008

Ireland Votes NO!

Thursday saw Ireland's vote on the Lisbon Treaty, I was lucky enough to actually be in the country while the Canvassing and voting was going on.
In the days leading up to the election I meant a number of Irish people so convinced that the NO! Vote was the way to go that they were out canvassing until 10pm each night. The campaign was such a strong one, like none I have ever seen before. Every lamp post, fence, street sign etc had a different poster or placard attached to it. The majority of them saying 'Vote NO!' and only a hand full saying 'Vote Yes!' When I first touched down the posters were very striking and it was very very hard to miss any of them but after a while they started to just merge into the scenery and it was only the most vibrant ones that stuck out.
On Polling day no one was allowed to go canvassing or campaigning it was up to the Irish people to vote. The stations were open from 7am til 10pm a number of people my age went out to vote and considered it a very important thing to do. Some people I met considered the vote so serious that when meeting people campaigning for the yes vote actually told them they were traitors.
I was watching the Irish version of BBC 1 as the tallies came in and it was very interesting to see that the votes around Dublin were Yes votes but almost everywhere else the NO! Vote won. The strength of the vote ranged from 50/50 in areas like Clare to 64% No in areas like Cork.
It will be interesting to see which countries follow in Ireland's shadow and which give in to the yes vote.
(picture from Guido Fawkes)

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