Monday, 30 June 2008

How to destroy a speed camera

While at dinner with my brother we started to compile a list of the best ways to destroy a speed camera based on incidents we have seen around the county. They are:

1. Cling film- when the camera flashes it reflects off of the film and blurs the number plate.
2. Builder's foam- the foam expands inside and crushes the camera mechanism.
3. Tyre and fire- place the tyre around the camera and burning is a sure fire way to destroy it.
4. Running it over with a 42 tonne truck- crashing your huge truck into the pole supporting the camera will bend it and stop the camera from functioning
5. Prising it open and removing the film- I think this one speaks for itself.

Some of these may have been urban legends but I have heard of instances where all of these have occurred to cameras in the county at some point or another. I would like to say at this point that I am not condoning the destruction of speed cameras just that you should always try to see the funny side of every situation.

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Corporal G said...

I'm amazed nobody's tried to mount some form of weaponry to their roof rack or sunroof and take them out that way.

You could always just get a sat nav with 'safety' camera updates...

The individual spot speed cameras I'm against. Yes, they're a money spinner, but all they are is a choke point too. Car speeds up to the camera, slows down, then roars off.

The average speed ones they've brought in on lots of stretches of road are far more clever.