Friday, 27 June 2008

Happy Anniversary Gordon

The radio news reports opened this morning with 'It's not a very good day to be Gordon Brown', well it's never a very good day to be Gordon Brown in my view but today is especially bad. Not only has he spent the past year steadily slipping his way down the opinion polls and having the country steadily turn against him, but on his first anniversary of being in office his candidate is crushed in the Henley-on-Thames by-election.

The results were as follows:
Conservatives 19,796 (56.95%)
Lib Dems 9.860 (27.85%)
Greens 1,321 (3.80%)
BNP 1,243 (3.58%)
Labour 1,066 (3.07%)
UKIP 843 (2.43%)
Loony 242 (0.70%)
English Democrats 157 (0.45%)
Independent 128 (0.37%)
Good 121 (0.35%)
Independent 91 (0.26%)
Fur Play Party 73 (0.21%)

Conservative Majority 10,116 (29.10%)

Granted that this Tory landslide was in a Tory safe seat but still not good news for Gordon to learn that his party has come 5th place to the BNP and the Green Party. Congratluations John Howell and A very Happy Anniversary Gordon Love From The Conservative Party.

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