Thursday, 5 June 2008


I spent most of today feeling a little under the weather and as I always do when I am ill I watched a Disney film. Today's choice was Enchanted the latest Disney film to be released. Now this film is wonderful in my opinion firstly it has all the magic of a faerie tale eg Princes and Princesses, but at the same time it is a mick take of other Disney films. The talking animals are sarcastic and the Prince is an arrogant fool and the real hero is a cynical yet witty divorce Lawyer. My favourite line in the whole film is from the wicked queen 'I am going to send you somewhere where dreams do not come true' (Giselle then appears in New York city IE reality)
Furthermore if you watch it carefully and have memorised virtually every line of all the other Disney films you can see that it is made up of them. I saw Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Bambi and Cinderella to name but a few.
The other reason this film is fantastic Patrick Dempsey. In particular the ball room scene where he is dressed in the outfit that the Beast wears in Beauty and the Beast and best still he is waltzing fantastically. Yum.
Anyway while messing about on Youtube I found a version of my favourite scene of the film in Russian, so while my day is now totally made and I am happy I thought I would share it. In this clip you have Patrick Dempsey, Disney and Russian language. What more could a girl need :D The only problem with this clip is that it is not me dancing with Patrick but actress Amy Adams.

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