Sunday, 1 June 2008


OK so continuing with the general Emo and Russian Poetry theme here is today's poem. It is written by Anna Akhmatova, one of Russia's most famous female poets, and is entitled 'He loved three things in the world'. A general translation follows as usual. This is one of my favourites, so enjoy!

Он любил три вещи на свете...
Он любил три на свете:
За вечерней пенье, белых павлинов
И стертые карты Америки.
Не любил, когда плачут дети,
Не любил чая с малиной
И женской истерики
...А я была его женой.

He loved three things in the world...
He loved three things in the world:
Evening songs, white peacocks
and faded maps of America.
He didn't like it, when children cry,
he didn't like tea with raspberries
And the hysterics of women
....But I was his woman.

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Beaman said...

I don't like tea with raspberries either. :p

Interesting poem.