Thursday, 1 May 2008

I have voted

It's nearly 10pm and polling stations all over London and the rest of the country will be closing and votes will begin to be being counted, and the next wave of councillors will be elected or re-elected. The most important race that I think most of the country will be watching is the Mayoral Race. Will Ken be re-elected? (Let's hope not) Or can Boris pull it out of the bag and become the first Tory London Mayor? (*cough* Back Boris *cough*)
Earlier my house mate Paul and I trotted off to our nearest polling station (which ironically wasn't closest as we passed one going to our station!) feeling very excited both of us being ever so youthful it is our first proper political race. En route we passed some very active Labour people madly handing out leaflets saying 'This is how you vote: put your tick in the KEN box' we were not given one of these leaflets this was most likely due to the face that I was walking down the street in my Tory Polo shirt with embroidered tree motif. I had planned to wear my 'Back Boris' t-shirt but it was too see-throughy to be seen wearing in public so I opted for the more Conservative (ho ho) option. Although Pasha was dressed in his normal but stylish attire and not any Tory Party stuff he was next to me and thus didn't get a free leaflet.
Having casted our votes we headed home this time not following the maps that were printed on our polling cards but just going from instinct. Upon return it was back to revision for my exam tomorrow this was only interrupted by George Galloway and his stupid Respect bus driving round with a megaphone and a bubble machine. I had to put up with it bloody well driving round our area all day! Sadly Mile End is sort of his homeland since Iraq become a bit unsafe for him. I really wanted to yell back 'OR YOU COULD BACK BORIS!' then through an egg, echoing an insodent that happened in Holborn earlier this week, but it was too late they were driving too quickly, oh well maybe next time. Now we play the waiting game as over the next few days the votes will be counted and with any luck London will be a bit bluer and the Mayor will be a bit blonder and much much more attractive.

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