Friday, 23 May 2008

The end of the Carr Street Kids

This week has been full of endings, end of exams (today), end of UCL Conservative's year and the end of my lease on Carr Street.
Wednesday- The Pimms Summer Party the ending to the UCL ConSoc year, the evening was spent drinking Pimms, playing croquette and socialising. The hi-light of the night was when David Blunkett turned up as the guest of honour for the event being held next door. This was greeted with a round of laughs at how funny it was that a Labour MP was booked next door to a Tory event and various comments that all ended with 'oh well at least he can't see me!'
Thursday- moved out of Carr Street and have migrated to Vauxhall to stay with Colin and Patrick for the next few days. After madly cleaning the house with Hannah who stayed with me it was time to pack up everything and move. It was sad after living with Paul and Graham for the last year it felt odd to be sleeping in a different room and taking a different tube route home.
Friday- Last exam after starting exams in the first week of term, after weeks of revising for my 12 exams the last one happened. I turned up early and spent the time before hand talking to my friends. After 2 hours of madly writing it was all over. Then it was off on a museum tour of London with Patrick (pictured with me right at the Pimms Party).
Tomorrow is my last full day in London and I will be spending it in a park with my friends.

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