Saturday, 31 May 2008

Back but not in black

Well I am now officially back and more or less unpacked. In the past two weeks I have lived in four different houses in three different locations, so I'm back on form baby yeah!

The last few days were spent away from it all in Lyme Regis, Dorset. I would hugely recommend this place to anyone wanting a holiday in England this summer. OK so it's not North Cornwall so the surf is non existent unless a storm is blowing but you can still enjoy the sea whatever the weather (as the picture shows.)

Lyme Regis most famous for it's fossils and for fossil hunting, the first fossil hunter was a woman called Mary Anning who first hunted in 1851 (I think). In the past my family have been fossil hunting, it's fun but within the space of like 5 minutes you have half the Jurassic period in your fossil pot so minimum effort is required. Oh it is also good to avoid the Blue Lias that is uber close to where you Fossil you really do sink into as fast as the warning signs tell you....

The best thing to do there is fishing. Last summer my friend Jamie and I spent three hours on a boat out at sea fishing for Mackerel, it was ace! It was peaceful and all you could hear were the gulls and the waves. Plus after you have been fishing you get to gut the fish then eat them. The most delicious fish in the world is one that is freshly caught and served with chips. Yum!

My favourite thing to do though is still lie on the beach, in a bikini, eating ice-cream and enjoying the sun. What more could you want! And if you are feeling particularly posh then you can sit on the beach eating cream teas (jam then cream, not the other way round!) and drinking tea from a Thermos.

The holiday is over now so it's back to packing up all my summer prior to my departure to Russia and working.

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