Monday, 28 April 2008

Voting on May 1st

As you may have already gathered I will be using my first preference vote will be going to Boris Johnson however my second preference is still up for grabs. The ten candidates are:
Alan Craig Christian Choice
Boris Johnson
Brian Paddick
Liberal Democrats
Gerard Batten UKIP
Ken Livingstone Labour
Lindsey German
Left List party
Matt O'Connor
English Democrats
Richard Barnbrook BNP
Sian Berry Greens
Winston McKenzie Independent
I will not be voting for Ken Leavingsoon, Brian Paddick, Sian Berry and Lindsey German as they are a bit too leftward leaning. After being sent the link to Winston McKenzie's speech on Youtube I can honestly say that I will not be voting for him!

The BNP is a wee bit extreme for me so that leaves it between the UKIP, Christian Choice and the English Democrats. We shall see come Thursday. In all honesty as long as Boris wins I shall be happy, so Back Boris for a Greater London!


Colin Moore said...

English Dems are sposed to be more to the right than the BNP - I'd go for the Christian chap. Your vote won;t have any effect but it'll do the cause good to know that they've got support out there given that most politicians are too spineless to stand up for our own religion

Stuart said...

I think the English Democrats candidate has withdrawn at the last minute anyway, so although you can vote for them in the GLA elections, you can't for second preference.

I would probably lean towards Christian choice over UKIP for second.