Tuesday, 22 April 2008


In between revising I have been checking out a few new shows on alluc.org and I would recommend the following:

-'The Big Bang Theory'
Admittedly it is based on stereotypes and a few forced set ups but it is very amusing. The basic idea is that a beautiful yet dim girl moves in next door to two guys who have PHDs in Physics and have very poor social school. Their two best friends are an Indian who freezes whenever a pretty girl appears and a sex obsessed Jew. For light relief I'd check this out.

-'Dirty, Sexy, Money'
This one is a step up from the last one, it follows the story of the Darling family and their life in New York it is intermixed by a story about their lawyer who's father was killed in a plane crash at the start of the first episode. It's a good mix of a murder mystery and soap style escapades.

-'How to Look Good Naked'
This one is always good for a giggle, presenter Gok Wan takes a girl who things she looks like a fat chavy whore and shows her that she in fact look lovely and along the way gets her to pose naked in a shop off Oxford street. It is very funny to watch, you get to pick up a few make up and fashion tips plus you get to learn some other funny phrases like 'You've been Goked'

If you're bored check them out!

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