Sunday, 27 April 2008

The real TFL Adverts

I had this link forwarded to me. Anyone who has spoken to me about the London Underground will have heard me bitching at length about Ken's crappy posters asking us to not listen to our music too loudly, not eat smelly food and give up our seats to old people etc:Basically all the sorts of things you would think were common sense but are apparently not as it would seem most people are idiots who lack any common courtesy or social graces. Anyway after much raging about these I wanted to get a t-shirt printed that would read 'I will listen to my music as loudly as I like, F*ck you Ken!' Partly because I hate having anyone tell me what to do, especially not a nasty little man with a newt fetish, and partly because no one even pays attention to them! Anyone who has ever taken the Victoria line southbound will agree I am sure. Sadly for me the website London Shite has beaten me to it and below are theirs:

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