Tuesday, 15 April 2008

'Changes' My JD moment

It's funny how in life nothing ever really stays the same and how things that seem so far are way seem to have a knack of suddenly appearing before you've had time to realise they are there. In about a months time I will be moving out of my house in London to return to Cheltenham prior to moving to Moscow. I knew when I began my course that the third year involved me living in Russia but it was always this thing that was way off in the future and something that I would sort out when the time came.
All of a sudden it has become VERY real, I have submitted my application forms to the institutions that I want to study at, have filled in accommodation forms for the home stay part and am now filling in the financial side. In short the thing that seemed so far away is literally a couple of months away and the thought of it is creating two very contrasting reactions; 1. OMG! I am going to Russia! :D What a cool experience and a great opportunity! and then 2. OMG! I am leaving England to live in another country away from my family, friends and cats! I must be mad!
At this point the only things that stand between me going are passing my up coming exams (these as all exams do are also filling me with dread and fear) and obtaining a visa from the Russian Embassy in London.
It's also funny how things often fit into place nicely too, for example toady I sorted my job for the summer. My mum was at a new pub/restaurant up the road having coffee with a friend when she asked if they were looking for Summer staff and said about how I have been working as a waitresses/bar staff for about a year. I called them, I got an Interview and now I am employed! As of June I will be working at The Reservoir, Charlton Kings. If your passing come in, the place is great!
I guess what I am trying to say is that nothing stays the same in life and while change may seem scary there's nothing you can do to stop it and so far any changes that have happened to me have always had positive sides to them and worrying about them is no good.
(This post has been a direct result of me watching two series of Scrubs back to back, blame JD)

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