Monday, 21 April 2008

10 Czech verbs (1)

Until my exams are over I am going to try and learn 10 new verbs or words each day for Russian and/or Czech. As most of today was spent in czech revision classes we shall start with Czech.
Today's are as follows:

Zůstávat/zůstat- to live

dívat se/ podívat se- to look or watch

vracet (se)/ vrátit (se)- to return

nacházet (se)/ najít (se)- to find

vést/vodit- to lead

prosit (se)/ poprosit (se)- to ask

ukazovat (se)/ ukázat (se)- to read/say/point

nechávat (si)/nechat (si)- to leave/allow

poznávat/poznat- to recognize/ identify

ptát se/ zeptat se- to ask

More fun to come tomorrow

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