Thursday, 27 March 2008

Some people are clearly mad

I got sent this earlier today and couldn't quite believe that it is true. I checked the date and it is definitely not April 1st. Let me know, Joke or not?

"Man from Hull has sex with goat

A 23-year-old unemployed chef has admitted in court that he shagged a goat in front of dozens of commuters. Stephen Hall confessed the offence to Hull Crown Court, and will be sentenced on 13th March after the case was adjourned for reports.

Hall had trapped the animal with his belt at the aptly named Paradise Allotments near his home. As he was getting down to business the packed Hull to Bridlington train stopped at signals, and Hall looked up to see a trainload of horrified commuters dialing the police. He was pinned down by two members of the public and was subsequently arrested by the Humberside Police Dog Section.

Dave Crinnion, the investigating officer, said that when he saw the goat the day after the attack "it did not seem too upset", and the vet who examined the beast said that although it was "subdued" it didn't seem to be injured. Hall, who admitted that "my friends have been giving me a lot of stick" says that he is gay although the goat in question is believed to be female. Doubly humiliating, then."

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Seriously what on earth is going on here?! You're upset that your friends are giving you a hard time, you're gay and unemployed so you have sex with a goat. Seriously WHAT THE HELL?!?!?! I really left speechless on this one, for anyone who knows me may find this trully hard to believe but I am.

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