Friday, 7 March 2008

Shame on you UCL

For the very first time in my life I can quite honestly say that I am ashamed to be a member of UCLU and no longer wear my hoodie with pride. The reason for this, the outcome of Wednesday's AGM. While I was unable to attend this for personal reasons I have discovered the outcome of one of the motions passed. I would like to point out before we go any further that I am neither praising nor condemning the conduct of the people present as anything I have heard about people's behaviour is only third hand and based on opinions not my own.

The motion in question "This Union believes that because the British military under the Labour Government is currently engaged in an aggressive war overseas, for the Union to use its resources to encourage students to join the military or participate in military recruitment activities at this time would give political and material support to the war." passed with 80 votes to 50.

This motion and its outcome has attracted so much attention that it has made it into The Mail, The Sun, The Guardian and The Evening Standard. It appears along side other stories that show a complete lack of respect for the servicemen who are out their fighting everyday to protect the freedom of speech that I enjoy and preventing others from destroying my country, which I love.

Gordon Brown has said
"I condemn absolutely any members of the public who show abuse or discrimination to our armed forces."

Patrick Mercer, a former infantry commander and a Tory MP, said today: "These students are deeply misguided. They are insulting the men and women who fight for their freedom and the democratic rights of our society." I couldn't agree more.

A spokesman for UCL Union accused a group of "hard core", Left-wing students of orchestrating the vote. "It's quite a silly thing,” he admitted. I would like to point out that if a 'hard core' right wing student was proposing the deportation of all foreign students then they would get called a racist would get expelled from UCL for it.

I find it odd that a University that was based on fairly liberal values and treasured free speech would take such a drastic move to allow this bill to be passed. Surely it is the individuals choice whether or not they want to join the military. I was myself was asked when passing the Army stand at Freshers fayre if i would like to join, I didn't therefore I simply Said 'No' and moved on.

My good friend Eamonn Hurley-Flynn has set up two different Facebook groups to help repeal this motion and expose the 'misconduct' that occur during this meeting on Wednesday. If any of you are interested in helping out join the groups on Facebook Here or Here. Let's hope we can repeal this motion and instill some respect for those who so selfish risk their lives to defend our Queen and Country every day.

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John said...

You say you are ashamed of fellow UCLU students because they have taken action against a Government void of honesty and humanity, currently engaged in an orchestrated aggressive war, not to protect our freedom of speech or our country but to do the bidding of evil corporate powers spending the lives of our own like small coin to avail themselves of the great wealth of oil rich Iraq.

The truth is that Iraq, long before the invasion, had lost any ability to attack the UK. 817 of the 819 Iraqi long-range missiles were destroyed in 1999, however the invasion was merciless, 600,000 Iraqis killed as a result of the invasion, innocent men women and children. At the beginning of the invasion, Britain dropped 100,000 cluster bombs that killed and maim civilians many of them children, in addition the depleted uranium (DU) shells used have caused a significant increase in radiation related cancers and birth defects for the defenceless Iraqi people.

In the name of the greedy corporate powers our boys are dying not to protect us but to protect their investment but those evil people want you to believe our soldiers are fighting and dying for their people and their country nothing could be further from the truth. Therefore putting aside all the Government and corporate propaganda I am pleased there are UCLU, Goldsmiths and LSE students that know and understand the truth behind recruitment and refuse to stand idly by and allow their fellow members to be tricked into allowing their young lives to be spent like small coin for the benefit of those plotting to control and reduce our numbers.

Those valiant students are not deeply misguided. They are not insulting the men and women who fight for their freedom and the democratic rights of our society because the war in Iraq was never about freedom it was always about greed and conspiracy. Up to half of British officers are recruited through university-based military organisations and there will never be peace on earth until we the people say enough is enough we ain’t going to study war no more so don’t come knocking on my door, my life is worth more than a small coin, but I’ll be there if and when invasion comes to this blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England