Sunday, 30 March 2008

Good on you Elizabeth

I came across this in today's Mail on Sunday:

"Queen cancels diamond wedding party in wake of economic gloom
The Queen has cancelled a party to mark her diamond wedding anniversary because she felt it would be "inappropriate" to hold a lavish celebration with the country on the brink of recession.Guests at the party, which was due to be held at The Ritz this weekend, would have been served champagne from crystal-studded bottles and dined off tablecloths covered with sparkling jewels.

But with her subjects facing rising bills and falling house prices, and the banking system paralysed by the so-called "credit crunch", the Queen has decided that the celebration would be regarded as insensitive.

Her highlighting of the dire state of the economy will not be welcomed by the Prime Minister, who faces daily reminders from his advisers that the electorate has lost the "feel-good" factor – and is punishing him for it in the opinion polls. "It is a great shame, but the Queen does not want to be seen to be doing something so elaborate at a time of such economic gloom," one friend said. "The Queen decided to cancel the party because of the very real prospect that the country is about to go through a major recession. The Queen does not want to be seen to be accused of being extravagant when everyone else is worrying about their finances.""

I am guessing that Gordon is distinctly unimpressed by this, what a shame, even if this is just 'Buckingham Palace business' it will still have wider and more power ramifications than he or any other Labour minister could ever hope for. All I can really say is 'good for you' I can think of very few people who would give up celebrity 60 years of marriage, something worse celebrating in this day and age, in order to hi-light the fact that Britain is about to go into Economic recession. Any Z list celebrity should bare that in mind next time they're lying pissed in the gutter on champagne someone else has bought them while being photographed by the London Lite or The London Paper.

The Queen has grown further in my estimations and is showing that she is not simply a figure head but a leader who cares. How many people can say that they have been married to the same person for 60 years? I think that it is fantastic to have such a role model in the UK, The Queen is clearly more in touch with her people than this Government who seems to care only about lining their own pockets and lying to the public. Would be nice if Gordon Brown would show the country the same respect. Maybe we'll be lucky and he'll get lost again hopefully this time a little more permanently.

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