Wednesday, 5 March 2008

CF Election results

Yesterday saw the close to the CF National elections and the results were as follows:

National chairman:
Michael Rock 38%
Daryl Williams 32%
Matt Richardson 30%

NME Candidates:
Christian May
Adele Douglas
Owen Meredith
Steve Ricketts
Anastasia Beaumont-Bott
Patrick Sullivan

Congratulations to all of you! But I would especially like to congratulate Michael Rock. Over the past weeks and months I have been helping Michael in his campaign and it is wonderful to see all the hardwork pay off. Last night we celebrated with a big party in Potion Bar many majitos, pints and glasses of wine were had by all. Non CF drinkers in potion seemed slightly lost by our excitement, I watched a table of city looking types watch 10 consecutive people walk in, see Michael and then start madly shaking his hand or, like me, running across the room to jump on him, I think they thought he was some kind of celebrity.

Read Michael's post of thanks here ROCK

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